The Division for Lifelong Learning (DLL) is an institute of UWC, which works with and across faculties in the interests of the development of the university as an excellent lifelong learning institution, promoting a learning culture both on campus and beyond.


Lifelong learning is a philosophy and an approach, which encourages and enables students to continue to learn through provision of flexible, convenient, relevant learning opportunities and curricula, which promote lifelong learning qualities.

The Division for Lifelong Learning (DLL) was formally constituted in late 1998 and initial priorities were identified as Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), Continuing Education, Part-time Studies, and Workplace Learning.

The DLL’s Research and Development reports and publications are uploaded on this site. Hard copies of these research reports and other source material are deposited in the Special Collections Section of the UWC Archives in the basement of the Main Library. The copies include material from the DLL’s marketing and promotion campaigns which ran between 2000 and 2015 e.g. the different advertising campaigns, the Part-time and Continuing Education Prospectuses. They also include posters, cards, CDs and DVD material from the Annual Julius Nyerere Memorial Lectures (2004-2014).

Additional material can be consulted by making an appointment with the archivist Mr Ulrich Meder ( The Terms and Conditions of the University concerning Access of Information and the Terms of the Copyright Act apply.

A Quick Guide to submitting publications to the UWC Research Repository can be found here.

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  • Equity, access and success: adult learners in public higher education 

    Buchler, Michelle; Castle, Jane; Osman, Ruksana; Walters, Shirley (Council on Higher Education, 2007)
    Unlike research into access and success for school-leavers entering higher education (HE) in South Africa, very little research has been conducted into adult learners in HE. Apart from generalized, albeit extensive, ...
  • Lifelong, life-wide and life-deep learning: utilizing the lens of HIV/AIDS 

    Walters, Shirley
    In this presentation, I use a discussion on pedagogies of HIV/AIDS as a lens to sharpen and clarify ways of thinking about adult and lifelong learning, particularly in and for the majority world. HIV/AIDS highlight some ...
  • Building a learning region: Whose framework of lifelong learning matters? 

    Walters, Shirley (Springer, 1992)
    This chapter is part of a book that aims to provide an accessible, practical and scholarly source of information about the international concern for the philosophy, theory, categories, and concepts of lifelong learning. ...
  • Reflecting on the global report on adult learning and education in the “post-truth society” 

    Walters, Shirley; Watters, Kathy (Sage, 2017)
    This article contextualizes and reviews the third global report on adult learning and education (ALE) released by UNESCO in 2016. The authors suggest that it is a visionary document, which is articulated through the ...
  • Non-governmental organisations and the South African state: present and future relations. 

    Walters, Shirley (Community Development Journal, 1993)
    The article explores the relationship between the state and NGOs in order to address the question: Is there a place for non-governmental, community based organisations in a democratic South African state? Section One ...
  • Social movements, class, and adult education 

    Walters, Shirley (Wiley, 2005)
    Social movements are movements of people in civil society who cohere around issues and identities that they themselves define as significant (Martin, 1999). The following quotation describes a group of poor women in South ...
  • Navigating our way: a compass for popular educators 

    Von Kotze, Astrid; Walters, Shirley; Luckett, Thembi (Taylor and Francis, 2016)
    This article addresses the tensions and contradictions of applying a popular education approach in the current context of South Africa. It draws upon data from an 18-month research project exploring the traditions of popular ...
  • The time is burning: The right of adults to basic education in South Africa 

    Rule, Peter (Journal of Education, 2006)
    The government has neglected the constitutional right of adults to basic education over the last decade. This paper examines the bases for holding the government to account in the constitutional court for its performance. ...
  • Struggle and compromise: A history of South African adult education from 1960 to 2001 

    Aitchinson, John (Journal of Education, 2003)
    This article provides an overview of the history of adult education in South Africa from 1960 (when the apartheid regime crushed the main black political movements) to the end of 2001 when, after a period of painful struggle ...
  • Worker education in South Africa: Lessons and contradictions 

    Vally, Salim; Bofelo, Mphutlane; Treat, John (All Rights Reserved © Faculty of Education, McGill University, 2013, 2013)
    Worker education played a crucial role in the development of the trade union movement in South Africa and in the broader struggle for social transformation. This article reviews key moments and dynamics in the trajectory ...
  • Adult learning within lifelong learning: a different lens a different light 

    Walters, Shirley (Wayne Hugo, 2006)
    Adult learning is located within a lifelong learning framework both as a lens for looking back and for projecting forward. The competing views of adult and lifelong learning are discussed and a preliminary overview of what ...
  • Realising a lifelong learning higher education institution 

    Walters, Shirley (Routledge, 2005)
    Activists and scholars committed to lifelong learning for social justice and democratic citizenship have devised a framework for transforming higher education in the new South Africa. The author draws on this work, developed ...
  • Learning/work: Turning work and lifelong learning inside out 

    Walters, Shirley (Springer, 2011)
    CONFINTEA VI took place against the background of an uneven and contradictory social and economic impact of globalisation. This impact registered globally and locally, in both the political North and South, drawing new ...
  • Navigating the National Qualifications Framework: the role of career guidance 

    Walters, Shirley; Watts, A. G.; Fledeman, P. (UNISA, 2009)
    The South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) recently commissioned a review of the career development field in South Africa. The review was designed to clarify what SAQA’s role might be in assisting learners throughout ...
  • Re-imagining a picture: Higher education in lifelong learning 

    Walters, Shirley; Volbrecht, Terry (IIZ/DVV, Hamburg, Germany, 2000)
    In using “lifelong learning” as the frame to observe higher education institutions, our gaze focuses both internally and externally. Internally we see a concern to ensure high quality, and flexible teaching and learning ...
  • Lifelong learning and connected-up development: insights from South Africa 

    Walters, Shirley (UNESCO, 2011)
    Lifelong learning through the four major stages of people’s development (Schuller and Watson 2009) embodies the need for integrated, connected-up approaches to development. I will reference briefly three examples in ...
  • New challenges and opportunities for lifelong learning in South Africa 

    Walters, Shirley (Taylor and Francis Ltd, United Kingdom, 1999-06-28)
    The imperatives for lifelong learning in South Africa are driven by its reinsertion into the global economy and by the social and political necessities of equity and redress after the years of colonialism, segregation and ...
  • Discussion document: understanding the dynamics of part-time studies at UWC 

    Watters, Kathy; Koetsier, Jos; Walters, Shirley (University of the Western Cape, 2003)
    This study into understanding the dynamics of part-time studies at UWC is part of on-going institutional research that is required to improve the conditions of and services to part-time students at UWC. Approximately 23% ...
  • Survey Knowledge Commons: Main Library University of the Western Cape 

    Koetsier, Jos (University of the Western Cape, 2010)
    Knowledge Commons is the most frequently visited level of the Main Library. A project initiated by the SRC to extend opening hours has taken off well. The survey was initiated by the Student Representative Council of the ...
  • University of the Western Cape Lifelong Learning by 2001 'Giving content to commitment' 

    Walters, Shirley (University of the Western Cape, 1997)
    The report draws on findings from an investigation into the feasibility of a university-wide Programme of Lifelong Learning at UWC. The survey was completed by three Task Groups of the Rector to investigate Distance ...

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