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    • The neutral hydrogen content of galaxies in cosmological hydrodynamic simulations 

      Dave, Romeel; Katz, Neal; Oppenheimer, Benjamin D.; Kollmeier, Juna A.; Weinberg, David H. (Oxford University Press, 2013)
      We examine the global HI properties of galaxies in quarter billion particle cosmological simulations using GADGET-2, focusing on howgalactic outflows impactHI content.We consider four outflow models, including a new one ...
    • Theoretical evolution of optical strong lines across cosmic time 

      Kewley, Lisa J.; Dopita, Michael A.; Dave, Romeel; Leitherer, Claus; Yuan, Tiantian; Allen, Mark; Groves, Brent; Sutherland, Ralph (The American Astronomical Society, 2013)
      We use the chemical evolution predictions of cosmological hydrodynamic simulations with our latest theoretical stellar population synthesis, photoionization, and shock models to predict the strong line evolution of ...