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    • Herschel PEP/HerMES: the redshift evolution of dust attenuation and of the total (UV+IR) star formation rate density 

      Burgarella, D.; Buat, V.; Gruppioni, C.; Cucciati, O.; Heinis, S.; Berta, S.; Bethermin, M.; Bock, J.; Cooray, Asantha; Dunlop, J.S.; Farrah, D.; Franceschini, Alberto; Le Floch, E.; Lutz, D.; Magnelli, B.; Nordon, R.; Oliver, S.J.; Page, Matthew J.; Popesso, P.; Pozzi, F.; Riguccini, L.; Vaccari, M.; Viero, M. P. (EDP Sciences, 2013)
      Using new homogeneous luminosity functions (LFs) in the far-ultraviolet (FUV) from VVDS and in the far-infrared (FIR) from Herschel/PEP and Herschel/HerMES, we studied the evolution of the dust attenuation with redshift. ...