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  • Book Review: Judith Still, Derrida and Hospitality: theory and practice 

    De Ville, Jacques (Edinburgh University Press, 2013)
    A book review of Judith Still, Derrida and Hospitality: theory and practice, (Edinburgh, Edinburgh University Press, 2010), 294 pp. ISBN 978-0-7486-4027-0
  • Book Review: Textbook of Global Health by A-E. Birn, Y. Pillay and T.H. Holtz 

    Schneider, Helen (Health and Medical Publishing Group, 2017)
    Coinciding with a renewed focus on health needs and disease in the global south, the Millennium Development Goal era saw the emergence and widespread use of the term ‘global health’. The term has been associated with ...
  • Book review: urban geology 

    Xu, Yongxin (Springer Verlag, 2012)
  • Border crossings in the African travel narratives of Ibn Battuta, Richard Burton and Paul Theroux 

    Moolla, Fiona F. (Taylor & Francis, 2012)
    This article compares the representation of African borders in the 14th-century travelogue of Ibn Battuta, the 19th-century travel narrative of Richard Burton and the 21st-century travel writing of Paul Theroux. It ...
  • Borehole dilution experiment in a Karoo aquifer in Bloemfontein 

    Xu, Yongxin; van Tonder, Gerrit J.; van Wyk, B.; van Wyk, E.; Aleobua, B. (Water Research Commission, 1997)
    This paper shows that a borehole dilution experiment using common salt is a useful technique for better understanding of some hydrogeological features of a fractured aquifer. A sense of such tracer experiments was performed ...
  • A bridge over the computer science graduate skill gap 

    Blignaut, Renette; Venter, Isabella M.; Renaud, Karen (2013)
    Universities are increasingly required to respond to the ever evolving needs of an ever more sophisticated and globalised workplace, which requires well-rounded workers with more than mere technical knowledge. Employers ...
  • Bridging communications across the digital divide 

    Blake, Edwin H.; Tucker, William David (CTIT, 2004)
    Connecting people across the Digital Divide is as much a social effort as a technological one. We are developing a community-centered approach to learn how interaction techniques can compensate for poor communication across ...
  • Browser-based sign language communication 

    Wang, Yuan Yuan; Tucker, William David (Telkom, 2010)
    This paper describes the design and evaluation of two browser-based video communication prototypes that support sign language communication between Deaf people. The research explores combinations of technologies, protocols ...
  • Browser-based video communication for deaf people 

    Wang, Yuan Yuan; Tucker, William David (Telkom, 2009)
    This paper describes work in progress to to provide browser-based sign language communication for deaf users. The paper introduces the communication requirements for a disadvantaged Deaf community in Cape Town, describes ...
  • Building an evolving method and materials for teaching legal writing in large classes 

    Clarence, Sherran; Mwambene, Lea; Albertus, Latiefa (Springer, 2014)
    In South Africa and in other parts of the world, many professions are bemoaning the poor ability of many graduates to communicate their skills and knowledge effectively once they enter the workplace. Increasingly, pressure ...
  • Building capacity to develop an African teaching platform on health workforce development: a collaborative initiative of universities from four sub Saharan countries 

    Amde, Woldekidan Kifle; Sanders, David; Lehmann, Uta (BioMed Central, 2014)
    INTRODUCTION: Health systems in many low-income countries remain fragile, and the record of human resource planning and management in Ministries of Health very uneven. Public health training institutions face the dual ...
  • Building common knowledge: negotiating new pedagogies in Higher Education in South Africa 

    Walters, Shirley; Daniels, Freda; Weitz, Vernon (University of the Western Cape, 2015)
    Discussions in this chapter are located within an action research-based study which aims at supporting the integration of enhanced pedagogies in one university in South Africa. The study recognises that even full-time ...
  • The burden of history: Namibia and Germany from colonialism to postcolonialism 

    Becker, Heike (Taylor & Francis, 2017)
    When former German Foreign Minister Joseph ‘Joschka’ Fischer visited Windhoek in October 2003, he went on record to say that there would be no apology that might give grounds for reparations for the first genocide of the ...
  • Business models in land reform 

    Lahiff, Edward (PLAAS, University of the Western Cape, 2007-08)
    This paper reviews the types of business models, or landuse models, being implemented in land reform projects involving the transfer of rural land to communities and other groups in South Africa, under both the restitution ...
  • Business restructuring and operational requirements dismissals: Algorax and beyond 

    Du Toit, Darcy (Juta Law, 2005)
    Introduction:This article revisits a vexed and much-debated question: when is it 'fair' for an employer, in the course of restructuring its business, to dismiss an employee for declining to accept changes in her or his ...
  • Calibrating photometric redshifts with intensity mapping observations 

    Alonso, David; Ferreira, Pedro G.; Jarvis, Matt; Moodley, Kavilan (American Physical Society, 2017)
    Imaging surveys of galaxies will have a high number density and angular resolution yet a poor redshift precision. Intensity maps of neutral hydrogen (HI) will have accurate redshift resolution yet will not resolve ...
  • A calibration report for wireless sensor-based weatherboards 

    Muthoni, M.; Bagula, Antoine (MDPI, 2015)
    Sub-Saharan Africa contains the highest number of people affected by droughts. Although this can easily be mitigated through the provision of timely, reliable and relevant weather forecasts, the sparse network of weather ...
  • Call capacity for voice over Internet Protocol on wireless mesh networks 

    Zulu, Docas Dudu; Tucker, William David (Telkom, 2010)
    This paper describes work in progress on call capacity optimization for voice over Internet Protocol on wireless mesh networks. In a developing country such as South Africa, evidence has shown that rural inhabitants find ...
  • Camp Lwandle: Rehabilitating a migrant labour hostel at the seaside 

    Murray, Noëleen; Witz, Leslie (Routledge Taylor Francis Group, 2013)
    In southern African narratives of migrant labour, hostels and compounds are represented as typical examples of colonial and apartheid planning. Visual and spatial comparisons are consistently made between the regulatory ...
  • Can a new paediatric sub-specialty improve child health in South Africa? 

    Swingler, George; Hendricks, Michael; Hall, David; Hall, Susan; Sanders, David; McKerrow, Neil; Saloojee, Haroon; Reid, Steve (Health & Medical Publishing Group, 2012)
    Compared with other middle-income countries, child health in South Africa is in a poor state, and should be addressed by focusing on the healthcare needs of all children across a system or region. Paediatricians have had ...