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Division for Lifelong Learning (DLL) [38]
  • Tracing shadows: How gendered power relations shape the impacts of maternal death on living children in sub Saharan Africa 

    Ely Yamin, Alicia; Bazile, Junior; Knight, Lucia; Molla, Mitike; Maistrellis, Emily; Leaning, Jennifer (Elsevier, 2015)
    Driven by the need to better understand the full and intergenerational toll of maternal mortality (MM), a mixed-methods study was conducted in four countries in sub-Saharan Africa to investigate the impacts of maternal ...
  • Quality of HIV counselling in South Africa 

    Mohlabane, Neo; Peltzer, Karl; Mwisongo, Aziza; Ntsepe, Yoliswa; Tutshana, Bomkazi; van Rooyen, Heidi; Knight, Lucia (Kamla-Raj, 2015)
    HIV counselling and testing (HCT) has become increasingly available in South Africa since the 1990s. Over 4500 public health facilities offer client and provider-initiated HIV counselling and testing. Counselling and testing ...
  • Assessment of Common Perinatal Mental Disorders in a Selected District Hospital of the Eastern Province in Rwanda 

    Umuziga, Marie P.; Adejumo, Oluyinka; Hynie, Michael (African Journal Online (AJOL), 2015)
    BACKGROUND: Common perinatal mental disorders (CPMDs) in women (depression & anxiety) are recognized as a significant public health concern. In African countries, CPMDs are most prevalent. However, there is limited evidence ...
  • Challenges of Nurse Tutor Utilization of the Teaching Aids 

    Mbirimtengerenji, Noel D.; Adejumo, Oluyinka (Scientific Research Publishers (SCIRP), 2015)
    INTRODUCTION: Nursing is the largest healthcare profession in Malawi with more than 11,000 registered nurses (RNs), nurse technicians and midwives (NTM) practicing in hospitals and other settings like nursing colleges ...
  • Challenges of Nurse Tutors’ Classroom and Clinical Performance When Teaching 

    Mbirimtengerenji, Noel D.; Daniels, Felicity M.; Martin, Penelope D. (Scientific Research Publishing (SCIRP), 2015)
    INTRODUCTION: Nursing is a dual profession that involves teaching both in class and at the clinical area. Nurse tutors meet a lot of challenges in their profession through their cognitive, affective and psychomotor nursing ...

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