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Division for Lifelong Learning (DLL) [46]
  • Collaborative research in contexts of inequality: the role of social reflexivity 

    Leibowitz, Brenda; Bozalek, Vivienne; Farmer, Jean; Garraway, James; Herman, Nicoline; Jawitz, Jeff; McMillan, Wendy; Mistri, Gita; Ndebele, Clever; Nkonki, Vuyisile; Quinn, Lynn; van Schalkwyk, Susan; Vorster, Jo-Anne; Winberg, Chris (Springer Verlag, 2016)
    This article reports on the role and value of social reflexivity in collaborative research in contexts of extreme inequality. Social reflexivity mediates the enablements and constraints generated by the internal and external ...
  • Structured feedback on students’ concept maps: the proverbial path to learning? 

    Rowe, Michael (BMC, 2017)
    Good conceptual knowledge is an essential requirement for health professions students, in that they are required to apply concepts learned in the classroom to a variety of different contexts. However, the use of traditional ...
  • The humble sardine (small pelagics): fish as food or fodder 

    Isaacs Moenieba (BioMed Central Ltd., 2016)
    Background: The group of small pelagic fish is the largest species group landed globally. A significant proportion of this nutrient-rich food is processed and lost to livestock feed, fish feed, fish oil, pet food and ...
  • Critical professionalism: a lecturer attribute for troubled times 

    Leibowitz, Brenda; Holgate, David (SUN Press, 2012)
    This chapter describes the research-based project, Critical Professionalism, which gave rise to several of the chapters in this volume. We suggest that the concept of critical professionalism, with its strong value ...
  • Multilingualism in transformative spaces: contact and conviviality 

    Williams, Quentin; Stroud, Christopher (Springer Verlag, 2013)
    South Africa is a highly mobile country characterized by historical displacements and contemporary mobilities, both social and demographic. Getting to grips with diversity, dislocation, relocation and anomie, as well as ...

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