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Division for Lifelong Learning (DLL) [46]
  • Opportunities and obstacles to screening pregnant women for intimate partner violence during antenatal care in Zimbabwe 

    Shamu, Simukai; Abrahams, Naeemah; Temmerman, Marleen; Zarowsky, Christina (Taylor & Francis, 2013)
    Pregnancy offers an opportunity for midwives to recognise and respond to women experiencing intimate partner violence (IPV). However, most antenatal care interventions have been conducted in private specialist services ...
  • Oral medicine case book 74: marijuana-induced Oral Leukoplakia 

    Temilola, Dada; Holmes, Haly; Mulder Van Staden, Sune; Afrogheh, Amir (South African Dental Association, 2017)
    A 55-year-old male presented at the Oral Medicine Clinic of the University of the Western Cape, Oral Health Centre, Tygerberg Campus, for the evaluation of a persistent white patch on his right edentulous mandibular ...
  • The high-ion content and kinematics of low-redshift lyman limit systems 

    Fox, Andrew J.; Lehner, Nicholas; Dave, Romeel; Tumlinson, Jason; Howk, J. Christopher; Tripp, Todd M.; Prochaska, J. Xavier; O'Meara, John M.; Werk, Jessica K.; Bordoloi, Rongmon; Katz, Neal; Oppenheimer, Benjamin D. (The American Astronomical Society, 2013)
    We study the high-ion content and kinematics of the circumgalactic medium around low-redshift galaxies using a sample of 23 Lyman limit systems (LLSs) at 0.08 < z < 0.93 observed with the Cosmic Origins Spectrograph on ...
  • The host haloes of O I absorbers in the reionization epoch 

    Finlator, Kristian; Muñoz, Joseph A.; Dave, Romeel; Oppenheimer, B. D.; Peng Oh, S.; Özel, Feryal (Oxford University Press, 2013)
    We use a radiation hydrodynamic simulation of the hydrogen reionization epoch to study OI absorbers at z ∼ 6. The intergalactic medium (IGM) is reionized before it is enriched; hence, OI absorption originates within dark ...
  • Anaemia – a pale ale? 

    Muntingh, G. L.; Viljoen, M. (Cogent OA, 2017)
    Despite some modest improvements described recently, anaemia remains a significant global public health concern affecting both developed and developing countries. It affects a quarter of the global population, including ...

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