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  • Analysis of human resources for health strategies and policies in 5 countries in Sub-Saharan Africa, in response to GFATM AND Pepfar-funded HIV-activities 

    Cailhol, Johann; Craveiro, Isabel; Mathole, Thubelihle; Parsons, Ann Neo; Lehmnann, Uta; Sanders, David; Madede, Tavares; Makoa, Elsie; Van Leemput, Luc; Biesma, Regien; Brugha, Ruairi; Chilundo, Baltazar; Dussault, Gilles; Van Damme, Wim (BioMed Central -The Open Access Publisher, 2013)
    BACKGROUND: Global Health Initiatives (GHIs), aiming at reducing the impact of specific diseases such as Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), have flourished since 2000. Amongst these, PEPFAR and GFATM have provided ...
  • Information for human resource management 

    Mathews, Verona (Health Systems Trust, 2005)
    This chapter emphasises the need for a routine information system for Human Resources Management (HRM). It provides an assessment of the current information system for HRM using a case study approach. It also outlines a ...