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  • Distance 

    Pirie, Gordon (Elsevier, 2009)
    The English language has long acknowledged and required some preconception of distance, but it has only been considered explicitly as a key element of human geography for half a century. The distances of greatest consequence ...
  • Ecumenical space: expanded for whom? 

    Engdahl, Hans; Goranzon, Anders (World Council of Churches, 2013)
    In this article we are setting out to address the dire need for reorientation within the ecumenical movement. In so doing, we are going to argue for a shift of emphasis that will take the notion of “ecumenical space” ...
  • Observatory's linguistic landscape: semiotic appropriation and the reinvention of space 

    Peck, Amiena; Banda, Felix (Taylor & Francis, 2014)
    Using a longitudinal ethnographic study of the linguistic landscape (LL) in Observatory's business corridor of Lower Main Road, the paper explores changes brought about by the influx of immigrant Africans, their artefacts ...