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  • KernTune: Self-tuning Linux kernel performance using support vector machines 

    Yi, Long; Connan, James (Association for Computing Machinery, 2007)
    Self-tuning has been an elusive goal for operating systems and is becoming a pressing issue for modern operating systems. Well-trained system administrators are able to tune an operating system to achieve better system ...
  • Real-time gesture recognition using eigenvectors 

    Segers, Vaughn; Connan, James (2009)
    This paper discusses an implementation for gesture recognition using eigenvectors under controlled conditions. This application of eigenvector recognition is trained on a set of defined hand images. Training images are ...
  • A surface acoustic wave touchscreen-type device using two transducers 

    Ghaziasgar, Mehrdad; Connan, James (2008)
    Current wireless human-computer interaction devices such as wireless mice and touchscreens, by and large, incorporate a sophisticated electronic architecture. The sophistication achieves wireless capabilities but carries ...