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  • Introduction to dental lasers 

    Mulder, Riaan; Karic, Vesna; Melman, Geoffrey (South African Dental Association, 2016)
    It was Albert Einstein who in 1917 defined the theory of the Stimulated Emission of Radiation, developing and expanding on the work of Niels Bohr, who in 1913 had formulated the Spontaneous Emission theory. Einstein ...
  • Are fissure sealants still relevant as a caries preventive measure? 

    Mulder, Riaan (South African Dental Association, 2016)
    The groundwork for fissure sealants was completed in 1955 and lead to the introduction in 1971 of the Nuva-Seal Fissure Sealant by L.D Caulk. Since caries predominantly affects the pits and fissures of the teeth of ...
  • Towards bioactive containing restorative materials: from design to testing in vitro approach 

    Perchyonok, Tamara; Mulder, Riaan; Grobler, Sias Renier; Zhang, Shengmiao (Symbiosis, 2015)
    In any repair of a tooth with permanent restorative materials, the interface is always a sensitive region. The appearance of adhesive materials was a great step forward in dealing with the problems of this region and ...
  • The whitening effect of four different commercial denture cleansers on stained acrylic resin 

    Maart, Ronel Deidre; Kruijsse, H.; Osman, Yusuf Ismail; Moodley, Desi; Patel, N.; Grobler, Sias Renier (South African Dental Journal, 2016)
    Denture hygiene and denture cleansers are very important for their antimicrobial effect and also in removing stain from the dentures. The purpose of this study was to determine the effectiveness of Steradent, Corega, ...
  • Oral medicine case book 61: Oral malignant melanoma 

    Mosalleum, E.; Afrogheh, A.; Dreyer, W.P.; Schneider, J.W. (South African Dental Association, 2014)
    A 45-year old male patient presented at the Oral and Maxillofacial Clinic, Tygerberg, with a pathological fracture of the left mandible following an extraction. The medical records of the patient revealed a history of ...
  • Maxillofacial radiology case 122 

    Nortje, Christoffel (South African Dental Association, 2014)
    Below are images of two patients with hemifacial asymmetry causing obvious disfigurement of the face and jaws. What is your diagnosis?
  • Sugar leaves a bitter taste 

    Naidoo, Sudeshni; Sheiham, A. (South African Dental Association, 2014)
    The types of foods we eat have become one of the most important issues of our time. In South Africa, diseases related to diet such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and tooth decay are ...
  • Unanticipated treatment complication and legal recourse 

    Naidoo, Sudeshni; Du Toit, J. (South African Dental Association, 2015)
    A middle - aged, partially edentulous Caucasian female patient presented to a general dentist for extraction of a mandibular tooth. The tooth was removed by the dentist, but following incomplete resolution of pain the ...
  • Maxillo-facial radiology case 128 

    Nortje, Christoffel (South African Dental Association, 2015)
    The lower clinical picture and radiographs represents a condition where the general growth is retarded, the children are pale due to anaemia and the most noticeable change of the oral structures is enlargement of the ...
  • Oral medicine case book 67: Oral manifestations of Evans syndrome: a presenting feature of HIV infection? 

    Ranchod, S.; Jeftha, A.; Meyer, M.; Dreyer, W.P. (South African Dental Association, 2015)
    A 19 year old female presented with spontaneous intra - oral bleeding of two days duration. The patient reported that she was, until recently, in good general health and also that she had an uncomplicated parturition three ...
  • Handling medical emergencies 

    Naidoo, Sudeshni (South African Dental Association, 2015)
    Medical emergencies can occur at any time in the dental surgery. Routine dental operations and procedures that generally cause no harm or distress to fit and normal patients may give rise to symptoms, alarming and of ...
  • Comparison of colour components between maxillary central incisors - an in vivo study 

    Moodley, Desi; Grobler, Sias Renier; Osman, Yusuf Ismail; Kotze, T.J.v.W. (South African Dental Association, 2015)
    Objectives: The purpose of this study was to determine the relationship of colour in the CIE L a b scale between the maxillary central incisors. Methods: The colour of the maxillary central incisors of 83 patients was ...
  • Maxillo-facial radiology case 127 

    Nortje, Christoffel (South African Dental Association, 2015)
    Below are clinical and radiographic images of a condition in which the terminal phalanges of the hands and the feet are enlarged. Growth of the mandibular condyle results in marked prognathism, and this together with ...
  • Knowledge, attitudes and practices of oral health care workers in Lesotho regarding the management of patients with oral manifestations of HIV/AIDS 

    Ramphoma, K.J.; Naidoo, Sudeshni (South African Dental Association, 2015)
    Lesotho has the third highest prevalence of HIV in the world with an estimated 23% of the adult population infected. At least 70% of people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) have presented with oral manifestation of HIV as ...
  • The prevalence of musculoskeletal disorders among dentists in KwaZulu - Natal 

    Moodley, R.; Naidoo, Sudeshni (South African Dental Association, 2015)
    Occupational hazards in dentistry can result in injuries and reduced income if work -time is lost. Injuries include percutaneous insults, inhalation of noxious chemicals, hearing loss and musculoskeletal disorders (MSD). ...
  • Oral medicine case book 68: Oral ulceration caused by rifampicin-resistant tuberculosis 

    Peck, Mogammad T.; Hille, J.; Snyman, A.; Dreyer, W.P. (South African Dental Association, 2015)
    A 53-year old female was referred by her local general medical practitioner to an oral medicine specialist for the management of a persistent ulcer on the left side of her tongue. The lesion had been present for at least ...
  • Ethical considerations when treating patients with eating disorders 

    Naidoo, Sudeshni (South African Dental Association, 2015)
    In South Africa, the prevalence of eating disorders remains largely unknown. However with the unique, complex, social and political transformation of the country and increasing urbanization, it is anticipated that there ...
  • Maxillo-facial radiology case 129 

    Nortje, Christoffel (South African Dental Association, 2015)
    This six-year-old female patient presented with episodes of oral bleeding, fever and ulcerations affecting the submandibular region. Cropped pantomographs of the same patient were taken six weeks earlier with a follow-up ...
  • Oral medicine case book 69: Burkitt lymphoma of the oral cavity 

    Mosalleum, E.; Mohamed, N.; Bassa, F.C.; Dreyer, W.P. (South African Dental Association, 2015)
    A 25-year-old female was referred to the Haematology Unit at Tygerberg Hospital for further management of a rapidly expanding and large submandibular mass which on fine needle aspiration was suggestive of lymphoma . Five ...
  • Avoiding perverse incentives 

    Naidoo, Sudeshni (South African Dental Association, 2015)
    A general dental practitioner was approached by a friend and colleague, a maxillo-facial surgeon, who had recently taken up rooms near her practice. He offered incentives to her for any surgical referrals she could provide. ...

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