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  • Multiplication of Crowns 

    Witbooi, Peter J. (Instituto de Matematica de Bahia Blanca (INMABB-CONICET), 2013)
    It is known that the only nite topological spaces that are H-spaces are the discrete spaces. For a nite poset which is weakly equivalent to an H-space, a generalized multiplication may be found after suitable ...
  • Numerical treatment of Kap's equation using a class of fourth order method 

    Akanbi, M.A.; Okunuga, S.A.; Sofoluwe, A.B. (Academic Journals, 2011)
    Kap's equation is a stiff initial value problem. This paper deals with the treatment of Kap's equation using a class of 4th order explicit Runge-Kutta method. Numerical computation was carried out using Microsoft Visual ...
  • Self-similarity of human protein interaction networks: a novel strategy of distinguishing proteins 

    Fadhal, Emad; Gamieldien, Junaid; Mwambene, Eric (2015)
    The successful determination of reliable protein interaction networks (PINs) in several species in the post-genomic era has hitherto facilitated the quest to understanding systems and structural properties of such networks. ...