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  • Book Review: Judith Still, Derrida and Hospitality: theory and practice 

    De Ville, Jacques (Edinburgh University Press, 2013)
    A book review of Judith Still, Derrida and Hospitality: theory and practice, (Edinburgh, Edinburgh University Press, 2010), 294 pp. ISBN 978-0-7486-4027-0
  • Derrida, the conditional and the unconditional 

    De Ville, Jacques (Juta Law, 2007)
    In his recent book, Law and Sacrifice: Towards a Post-Apartheid Theory of Law, Johan van der Walt gives a clear exposition of the possible impact of inter alia Jacques Derrida's thinking on law. In this article, the book ...
  • Spectres of Coke: Judicial supervision as a revolutionary inheritance 

    De Ville, Jacques (Springer Verlag, 2007)
    Sir Edward Coke is known for having played a central role in establishing the power of the common law courts to exercise a supervisory jurisdiction over the executive/administration. Coke is usually praised in the literature ...