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  • Federal arrangements as a peacemaking device during South Africa's transition to democracy 

    Steytler, Nico; Mettler, Johann (Publius: The Journal of Federalism, 2001-01-01)
    This article examines how federal arrangements were used during South Africa's transition to democracy to deal with the conflict posed by two important ethnic-based groupings: right-wing Afrikaners and Zulu nationalists. ...
  • Making law: A guide to municipal councils 

    Steytler, Nico; de Visser, Jaap; Mettler, Johann (Community Law Centre, University of the Western Cape, 2000)
    The first fully democratic municipal elections held on 5 December 2000 saw local government take its rightful place as the third sphere of government. Chapter seven of the Constitution has now come into full operation. ...