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  • The Christian faith and evolution: An evolving, unresolved debate 

    Conradie, Ernst (AOSIS, 2018)
    This article sketches how the debate on Christian faith and evolution has evolved. Seven challenges are identified and described in the debate, namely, regarding a recognition of deep (geological) time (challenging the ...
  • Eat and/or be eaten: The evolutionary roots of violence? 

    Conradie, Ernst (SUN, 2015)
    This contribution raises the question about where things have gone wrong in evolutionary history. In classic Christian discourse it is typically assumed that the primary problem is human sin, while the problem of natural ...
  • On social evil and natural evil: in conversation with Christopher Southgate 

    Conradie, Ernst (Wiley, 2018)
    In this contribution, the author engages in a conversation with Christopher Southgate on the relationship between social evil and what is called natural “evil.” Theologically, this centers around an understanding of creation ...