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  • Towards the acoustic estimation of jellyfish abundance 

    Brierley, Andrew S.; Boyer, David C.; Axelson, Bjorn Erik; Lynam, Christopher P.; Sparks, Conrad A.J.; Boyer, Helen; Gibbons, Mark J. (Inter-Research, 2005)
    Acoustic target strengths (TSs) of the 2 most common large medusae, Chrysaora hysoscella and Aequorea aequorea, in the northern Benguela (off Namibia) have previously been estimated (at 18, 38 and 120 kHz) from acoustic ...
  • Trophic ecology of carnivorous zooplankton in the Benguela 

    Gibbons, Mark J.; Stuart, V.; Verheye, H.M. (NISC and Taylor & Francis, 1992)
    Carnivorous zooplankton in the Benguela system have tended to be ignored by all but early taxonomists and a handful of recent researchers. An attempt is made here to address the importance of carnivores in this system but, ...