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    • The upper temperature for life – where do we draw the line? 

      Cowan, Donald A. (Elsevier, 2004)
      The newly isolated hyperthermophilic archaeal strain 121 grows slowly at 121 8C and even survives short periods at 130 8C. This is another organism that grows best at temperatures well in excess of 100 8C! We should not ...
    • Virome assembly and annotation: A surprise in the Namib Desert 

      Hesse, Uljana; Van Heusden, Peter; Kirby, Bronwyn; Olonade, Israel; van Zyl, Leonardo Joaquim; Trindade, Marla (Frontiers Research Foundation, 2017)
      Sequencing, assembly, and annotation of environmental virome samples is challenging. Methodological biases and differences in species abundance result in fragmentary read coverage; sequence reconstruction is further ...