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  • The use of corpora in translation into the second language: A project-based approach 

    Mohammed, Tawffeek A. S. (Frontiers Media, 2022)
    This manuscript investigates to what extent the use of corpora could help translation trainees while translating from Arabic into English and vice versa. Forty Yemeni trainees, who were enrolled in an advanced course in ...
  • The topoi of Mandela's death in the Arabic speaking media: A corpus-based political discourse analysis 

    Mohammed, Tawffeek A. S.; Banda, Felix; Patel, Mahmoud (Frontiers Media, 2022)
    The present study attempts a political discourse analysis of a spoken Arabic corpus on the death of Nelson Mandela. The corpus mainly consists of the coverage of some Arabic-speaking TV channels that was broadcasted in ...
  • Designing an Arabic speaking and listening skills e-course: resources, activities and students’ perceptions 

    Tawffeek, Mohammed (Academic Conferences and Publishing International Limited, 2021)
    his paper presents a fully online course model for teaching speaking and listening skills for students learning Arabic as a foreign language at the International Peace College South Africa on the NEO learning management ...
  • Planning a dictionary for mother tongue education: a conceptual framework for Gabonese languages 

    Assam, Blanche Nyangone (SUN, 2017)
    The present article is a plea for mother tongue education dictionary projects in Gabonese lexicography. The latter has been in a fast-developing process for the past twenty years and has experienced quite an important crop ...
  • What French for Gabonese French lexicography? 

    Assam, Blanche Nyangone; Ndinga-Koumba-Binza, Hugues Steve; Ompoussa, Virginie (SUN, 2016)
    This paper is a response to Mavoungou (2013a) who has pleaded for the production of a dictionary of Gabonese French as variant B of the French language. The paper intends to comprehend the concept of "Gabonese French". It ...
  • Im Gespräch mit Jose F.A. Oliver - 'viel-stimmig und meer-sprachig'. 

    van Ryneveld, Hannelore (Peter Lang, 2008)
    José Oliver is a multilingual poet of Andalusian descent who writes poetry in German. His first poetry was published in the mid-eighties and his writings were seen as part of migrant literature (also referred to in the ...
  • Das Fach Deutsch an der University of the Western Cape 

    van Ryneveld, Hannelore; Mentzner, Martina (Association of German Studies (SAGV), 2010)
    The current challenges facing the teaching of German as a foreign language at the University of the Western Cape are outlined. The article includes a brief historical overview and proposes research perspectives for the future.
  • Writing from the margins - and beyond 

    van Ryneveld, Hannelore (Association for the Study of Religion in Southern Africa, 2006)
    In 1987 José F. A. Oliver published his first poetry volume Auf-Bruch in Germany. His standing as a German-speaking poet from Spanish-Andalusian stock was linked to the Gastarbeiterliteratur, or migrant worker literature ...