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    • The Impact of Bank-Specific Determinants on Commercial Banks’ Liquidity in Namibia 

      Johannes, Sheefeni (Academic research publish group, 2016)
      This paper examined the bank-specific determinants for commercial bank’s liquidity in Namibia. The study was based on quarterly data covering the period 2001:Q1 to 2014:Q2, utilizing the technique of unit root and ordinary ...

      munepapa, mika; shefeeni, Johannes (www.idpublications, 2017-01)
      This study examined the impact of imports on inflation in Namibia using quarterly data from the period 1991Q1 to 2013Q4. The model estimated used imports as a dependent variable, while gross domestic product, money supply ...
    • How viruses evolve 

      Fielding, Burtram C (2020)
      The unusual cases of pneumonia began to appear in midwinter, in China. The cause, researchers would later learn, was a coronavirus new to science. By March, the infection began to spread to other Asian countries and overseas. ...
    • Staying ahead of the bugs 

      Fielding, Burtram Clinton (FINWEEK, 2020)
      In a recent interview on his The DnilySlww, Jon Stewart asked astrophysicist Neil dcGrassc Tyson why the universe is trying to kill us, this in reference to the near-miss meteor event a few months ago. The universe - ...
    • Cape Town heads out to light up braais ahead of Heritage Day 

      Spiller, Sam (Independent Online, 2020)
      For residents enjoying Cape Town’s parks and beaches, and with Heritage Day just around the corner, the city advised that safety comes first. “People should adhere to all the safety protocols which have been implemented ...
    • Possible biological explanations for kids’ escape from COVID-19 

      King, Anthony (The scientist, 2020)
      Since SARS-CoV-2, the virus responsible for the COVID-19 pandemic, was first recognized as a close cousin of the virus that caused the SARS outbreak of 2003, scientists have looked to the experience of that earlier epidemic ...
    • Tin Roof owner adamant venue not source of Covid-19 ’superspreader event’ 

      Spiller, Sam (Independent Online, 2020)
      Cape Town - A large number of Covid-19 cases among high school pupils tracked to a bar in Cape Town has raised questions about social gatherings and easing of lockdown. James Truter, owner of the Tin Roof bar in Claremont, ...
    • COVID-19 and HIV: so far it seems the outcome is not what was feared 

      Fielding, Burtram C (The conversation, 2020)
      Based on official figures – which may be somewhat under reported – COVID-19 has not been asdevastating in South Africa as initially feared. Back in March and April this year case numbers on the continent were still ...
    • What the latest coronavirus tells us about emerging new infections 

      Fielding, Burtram C. (The Conversation Africa, 2020)
      Viruses are quick studies. They’re prolific at adapting to new environments and infecting new hosts. As a result they are able to jump the species divide from animals to humans – as the new coronavirus in China is ...
    • SA part of a charge to develop a vaccine for Covid-19 

      Charles, Marvin (Independent online, 2020)
      Cape Town - With infections of the coronavirus surpassing the 1.3million mark and deaths at 76507 worldwide, the rush to find a cure is increasing, with South Africa playing its part. Globally, more than 35 companies and ...
    • ‘Doctors to improve in treating COVID-19 before a vaccine is developed’ 

      Moche, Tshepi (SABC, 2020)
      Director of research development at the University of the Western Cape Professor Burtram Fielding says there is a strong possibility that doctors will get better at treating and saving the lives of COVID-19 patients before ...
    • District-based approach won't contain COVID-19 in WC – UWC virologist 

      Palm, Kaylynn (EYEWITNESS NEWS, 2020)
      CAPE TOWN - A University of the Western Cape (UWC) virologist believes a district-based approach will not contain the spread of the coronavirus in the Western Cape. Last week, Health Minister Zweli Mkhize said government ...
    • Those who are most at risk 

      Lestrade, Leon (gate5, 2020)
      For all three deadly human coronavirus , advanced age ,being male, and the presence of other pre-existing medical conditions-including obesity, diabetes and heart disease- are the major factors linked to severe disease ...
    • Spektrum 10 Desember 2020 

      Fielding, Burtram C. (SABC, 2020)
      Die Minister van Gesondheid, dr. Zweli Mkhize, sê Suid-Afrika ondervind amptelik sy tweede vlaag van COVID-19-infeksies. Ons het by ‘n kenner gaan hoor wat dit inhou in die onmiddelike stryd teen die virus. Die DA pronk ...
    • Circuit breakers the mini lockdown needed for hotspots 

      Fielding, Burtram C. (SABC, 2020)
      Circuit breakers form part of five-point plan from the department of health that Premier Alan Winde be presented to the provincial cabinet on Tuesday for adoption. Professor Burtram Fielding, molecular biologist and ...
    • UWC Prof Burtram Fielding 

      Fielding, Burtram C. (SABC, 2020)
      Radio interview with Prof Burtram C. Fielding Radio Sonder Grense (RSG)
    • COVID-19 schools of thought 

      Fielding, Burtram C. (SABC, 2020)
      Interview with Prof Bertram C. Fielding.