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The Bridging Application and Network Gaps (BANG) group examines the intersection of human computer interfaces, computer networks and software engineering within the context of ICT interventions in disadvantaged communities.

The South African Sign Language (SASL) group looks at the integration of signed and verbal communication building on the South African Sign Language Translation System.

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Recent Submissions

  • Abidoye, Ademola P.; Azeez, Nureni A.; Adesina, Ademola Olusola; Agbele, Kehinde K. (Scientific Research Publishing, 2011)
    One of the major constraints of wireless sensor networks is limited energy available to sensor nodes because of the small size of the batteries they use as source of power. Clustering is one of the routing techniques that ...
  • Agbele, Kehinde K.; Adesina, Ademola Olusola; Azeez, Nureni A.; Abidoye, Ademola P. (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Inc., 2012)
    There is a growing interest in the use of context-awareness as a technique for developing pervasive computing applications that are flexible and adaptable for users. In this context, however, information retrieval (IR) ...
  • Agbele, Kehinde K.; Adesina, Ademola Olusola; Nyongesa, Henry O.; Febba, Ronald (Medwell Journals, 2010)
    The significant roles play by ranking function in the performance and success of Information Retrieval (IR) systems and search engines cannot be underestimated. Diverse ranking functions are available in IR literature. ...
  • Agbele, Kehinde K.; Adesina, Ademola Olusola; Daniel, Ekong; Seluwa, Dele (International Science Press, 2012)
    As the volume of information available on the Web information systems is growing continuously, browsing this content becomes a tedious task given the presentation of data that does meet user's aims and needs. In this paper, ...
  • Agbele, Kehinde K.; Nyongesa, Henry O.; Adesina, Ademola Olusola (Medwell Journals, 2010)
    This study examines issues pertinent to the rapidly evolving use of information as a currency of modern economies. Access to information has important benefits that can be achieved in many areas including, social-economic ...