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  • A peoplecentred perspective on peoplecentred community development 

    Schenck, Catherina (Rinie); Louw, Huma (School of Social Work, Zimbabwe, 1995)
    This article uses the concept of 'people centredness' to stress the fact that development requires that the people themselves - who are meant to be the beneficiaries of development initiatives - be placed in the forefront ...
  • Suicide mortality in NSW: clients of mental health services. 

    Chipps, Jennifer; Stewart, Gavin; Sayer, Geoffrey (CSIRO, 1995)
    This article examines suicide by clients of mental health services in NSW. Since April1992 the Mental Health Branch of the NSW Health Department has operated an incident monitoring system which requires all public mental ...
  • Participatory learning: a people centred way of working in community development 

    Schenck, Catherina (Rinie); Louw, Huma (Unisa Press, 1995)
    In this article the authors propose a participatory learning approach to skill and knowledge acquisition in people centered community development knowing that it isn't always quick and easy but exciting and worth it.
  • Suicide mortality in NSW: geographic variation. 

    Stewart, Gavin; Chipps, Jennifer; Sayer, Geoffrey (CSIRO, 1995)
    This is the first of a series of articles on the epidemiology of suicide in NSW. We examine pooled suicide mortality data for Area and District Health Services from the time of the introduction of the ICD9-CM cause of death ...
  • Praktykillustrasie van die vorming en terminering van n terapeutiese sisteem volgens ekosistemiese denke 

    Conradie, A.; Schenck, Catherina (Rinie); Collins, K.J. (Unisa Press, 1996)
    This article presents an illustration of how an ecosystemic perspective was used in a family therapy case study. Two ecosystemic concepts were used to discuss the case study. They are: the language determination of the ...
  • Suicide attempts in NSW: associated mortality and morbidity. 

    Sayer, Geoffrey; Stewart, Gavin; Chipps, Jennifer (CSIRO, 1996)
    This article is the fifth in a series on suicide in New South Wales by the Mental Health Epidemiology Group. Its aim is to provide a quantitative account of suicide attempts and the associated mortality and morbidity in ...
  • Suicide mortality in NSW: an introduction to clinical audits. 

    Stewart, Gavin; Chipps, Jennifer; Sayer, Geoffrey (CSIRO, 1996)
    This article is an introduction to the use of clinical audit to identify possible preventive approaches to suicide. We examine the ethical issues, techniques and feasibility of this method for collecting information on ...
  • The effect of carbohydrate ingestion on the motor skill proficiency of soccer players 

    Zeederberg, C.; Leach, Lloyd; Lambert, Estelle V.; Noakes, Timothy D.; Dennis, S.C.; Hawley, J.A. (Human Kinetics Publishers Inc., 1996)
    This study examined the effects of ingesting a glucose-polymer (GP) solution on the motor skill proficiencies of association football (soccer) players from two teams playing during two matches in a cool environment. Fifteen ...
  • Admission rates as an indicator of the prevalence of severe asthma in the community 

    Jalaludin, Bin; Chey, Tien; Holmwood, Marvin; Chipps, Jennifer; Hanson, Ralph; Corbett, Stephen; Leeder, Stephen (Wiley, 1998)
    BACKGROUND: A reliable indicator of the prevalence of severe asthma in the community is needed to monitor population-based asthma control strategies. We examined the potential use of asthma admissions to hospital as such ...
  • Video conferencing in Unisa social work practicals: structure and strategies 

    Wilson, Hentie; Schenck, Catherina (Rinie); Grobler, Hanka (Unisa Press, 2000)
    This article describes participatory research by lecturers using video conferencing systems and an instructional designer. This research article sets out to describe a project during the consolidation stage of using video ...
  • Suicide in New South Wales: the NSW suicide data report. 

    Ansari, Guncha; Chipps, Jennifer; Stewart, Gavin (CSIRO, 2001)
    The NSW Suicide Prevention Strategy has identified suicide prevention as a high priority for government and the community. Death by suicide is a relatively uncommon event; however, more people in NSW now die from suicide ...
  • Injury surveillance in Taekwondo and Judo during physiotherapy coverage of the seventh All Africa Games 

    Phillips, Julie; Frantz, Jose M.; Amosun, Seyi Ladele; Weitz, W. (AOSIS, 2001)
    OBJECTIVE: To obtain data relating to the incidence of injuries s stained during taekwondo and judo competitions at the 7th All Africa Games. Methods: Prospective recording of injuries sustained by athletes who sought ...
  • Revisiting Paulo Freire as a theoretical base for participatory practices for social workers 

    Schenck, Catherina (Rinie) (University of Stellenbosch, 2002)
  • Obesity in South Africa: The South African Demographic and Health Survey 

    Puoane, Thandi; Steyn, Krisela; Bradshaw, Debbie; Laubscher, Ria; Fourie, Jean; Lambert, Vicki; Mbanangwa, Nolwazi (Nature Publishing Group, 2002)
    To ascertain the anthropometric profile and determinants of obesity in South Africans who participated in the Demographic and Health Survey in 1998. RESEARCH METHODS AND PROCEDURES: A sample of 13,089 men and women (age, ...
  • The mental health outcomes and assessment training project: creating the foundations for improved quality of care 

    Chipps, Jennifer; Raphael, Beverley; Coombs, Tim (CSIRO, 2002)
    The NSW Mental Health Outcomes and Assessment Tools Training Project (MH-OAT) is a collaborative and consumer-centred project that aims to strengthen the assessment skills of the mental health care workforce. MH-OAT does ...
  • Learning through rediscovery and reclaiming local/ indigenous knowledge and skills 

    Louw, Huma; Schenck, Catherina (Rinie) (Unisa Press, 2002)
    In this article the authors explain some of the attempts they make to ``in- digenise'' the training of students in social work, paying special attention to community work to assist the students in discovering the richness ...
  • Problems rural social workers experience 

    Schenck, Catherina (Rinie) (University of Stellenbosch, 2004)
    The research was an exploratory study of the views and experiences of 45 social workers related to their work and working conditions in rural communities This article describes the research results around aspects regarding ...
  • Working conditions of social workers in rural areas in South Africa 

    Schenck, Catherina (Rinie) (Unisa Press, 2004)
    This article presents the results of one of the aspects of an exploratory study that was conducted by the author with rural social workers. The working conditions of 45 social workers are described.
  • Improving the hospital management of malnourished children by participatory research 

    Puoane, Thandi; Sanders, David; Ashworth, Ann; Chopra, Mickey; Strasser, Susan; McCoy, David (Oxford University Press, 2004)
    OBJECTIVE. To improve the clinical management of severely malnourished children in rural hospitals in South Africa. STUDY DESIGN. A pre- and post-intervention descriptive study in three stages: assessment of the clinical ...
  • Transformation through Occupation 

    Wegner, Lisa (Taylor & Francis group, 2004)
    Working in the context of a developing country such as South Africa provides a multitude of challenges for professionals in all fields. The last few years since democratisation have seen a transformation in the way ...