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  • Pan-African initiatives in global governance 

    Gottschalk, Keith (2013)
    As recently as 2009, a five hundred page textbook on international relations did not even mention the African Union in its index. The same applied to the Wikipedia entry on international organizations until a colleague of ...
  • The choice of atomic power for electricity in South Africa 

    Gottschalk, Keith (2013)
    South Africa needs to both increase its electricity generation, and to incrementally transition from fossil fuels to renewable sources. The most cost-effective strategy would be a mix of imported hydropower, solar power, ...
  • Astronaissance: Communicating astronomy & space to the African imagination 

    Gottschalk, Keith (2013)
    Astronaissance neatly conceptualizes the crossover between the African Renaissance, the re-emergence of Astronomy in Africa, and the rise of cognate space sciences and astronautics. Story-telling, painting, engraving, ...